Williamson Aviation

The World War 2 Hangar at Tullahoma has been an iconic image on Harton Field, (KTHA) since 1941. Unfortunately, over the years of heavy use and neglect, it had become an eyesore on the field and talks of demolition were being considered. A local business recently purchased the facility to move a manufacturing company into part of the hangar. As we are aviation fanatics, we couldn’t see this structure be torn down. Our company will only utilize the small kick out in the rear of the hangar and the rest is available for aircraft storage. There are approximately 25 spots available for rent and the hangar is currently staffed by A&P mechanics to provide on-site support. By renting with us, you are supporting the preservation of this facility which was also placed on the National Register of Historic Places earlier this year. If you are located a bit downrange, we have commercial pilots on staff to help shuttle your aircraft to you.

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