Williamson Aviation

Essential Inspections Performed

One of the most momentous days in an aviator’s life is the day they purchase an aircraft. No matter how attractive and well-kept an aircraft appears, it is essential to have an inspection performed, with parameters agreed upon by all parties involved, that is, buyer, seller, and, if applicable, the broker.

WAI may assist an Owner and/or Operator in the purchase of an aircraft. WAI assists our customers in evaluating the business model or mission for the utilization of the aircraft.

Williamson Aviation utilizes the following 7-Step Process for aircraft acquisitions:

  • Utilization Analysis
  • Acquisition Type (Used Aircraft, Leased Aircraft, or New Aircraft)
  • Conformity Inspection (This is not a pre-buy)
  • Pre-buy Inspection
  • Maintenance Program Development Analysis
  • Maintenance Planning and Forecast
  • Aircraft Complete Purchase

We will perform a pre-buy inspection and provide an annual sign off upon satisfactory passing inspection and will also ferry the aircraft back to the customer. If customer chooses to retain WAI for future aircraft management (Mx and annuals), we will discount the pre-buy inspection. Ask for details.


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